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Keynote speakers

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Plenary sessions:

Howard Barbaree: Criminogenic Needs In Sex Offenders: What Have Years Of Actuarial Assessment Research Taught Us About The Critical Targets Of Effective Correctional Treatment? (Abstract and CV)

Douglas Boer: Recent Developments in Structured Professional Judgement in Risk Assessment for Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders (Abstract and CV)

John Bradford: Pharmacological Treatment of Parphilias: International Guidelines (Abstract)

Peer Briken: Hypersexuality and Sexual Offending (Abstract and CV)

Margretta S. Dwyer: Strong Voices Rising: Courage to Heal (Abstract and CV)

Markus Feil: Standing on a Knife Edge: Managing Confidentiality in Forensic Psychotherapy (Abstract and CV)

Don Grubin: Polygraph Testing in Forensic Setting (Abstract and CV)

Karl Hanson: The Characteristics of Online Sexual Offenders (Abstract and CV)

Zoe Hilton: Sexual Assault by Men who Commit Domestic Violence (Abstract and CV)

Raymond Knight: Paraphilic Coercive Disorder: Is it a Distinct Paraphilia? (Abstract and CV)

Hans-Ludwig Kröber: How to Get Sexual Offenders Released from Prison (Abstract and CV)

Patrick Mandikate (co-presenting with Geraldine Akerman): Can Convicted Offenders Be Classed as 'Volunteering' for Therapy? Working with Men who Have Committed Sexual Offences and Volunteered for Treatment in a Prison-based Therapeutic Community (Abstract and CV)

William Marshall: The Critical Elements in Effective Sexual Offender Treatment (Abstract and CV)

Michael Miner: Understanding Perpetration of Child Sexual Abuse: Results from a Study of Adolescent Males (Abstract and CV)

Andreas Mokros: Predicting violent reoffending with the PCL-R/SV in German-speaking countries: A meta-analysis (Abstract and CV) 

Joachim Nitschke: Sexual Sadism Facing the DSM-V Criteria: 125 Years After the First Description of Sexual Sadism by Richard von Krafft-Ebing (Abstract and CV)

Friedemann Pfäfflin: The Forensic Experts' Contribution to Prolong Court Ordered Detention of Sexual Offenders (Abstract and CV)

David Prescott: Therapeutic Communication: Motivation, Feedback, and beyond (Abstract and CV)

Jay Singh: The Prediction of Sexual Recidivism: Current Uncertainties and Future Directions (Abstract and CV)

Andrew Williams: Who is Really in the Frame? Psychoanalytic Approaches to Understanding and Treating Users of Child Pornography (Abstract and CV)

Stephen Wong: Assessing Changes in Risk and Recidivism with Correctional Treatment (Abstract and CV)


Pre-conference workshops:

Douglas Boer: The SVR-20 2nd Version: Updates on the Redevelopment of the Sexual Violence Risk - 20 (Abstract and CV)

John Bradford and Peer Briken: Guidelines of Pharmacological Treatment of Sexual Offenders / Richtlinien der medikamentösen Behandlung von Sexualtätern (English / German)

Klaus-Peter Dahle: Tatbegehungsmerkmale und Prognose bei Sexualstraftätern (German) (Abstract and CV)

Don Grubin: The Evidence For and Against Polygraph Testing of Sex Offenders (Abstract and CV)

Kelly Babchishin: Internet sex offenders: Reviewing Research Findings and Their Implications for Policy and Practice (Abstract and CV)

Leslie Helmus: Dynamic Risk Assessment Using STABLE-2007: Updated Follow-up and New Findings from the Dynamic Supervision Project (Abstract and CV)

Zoe Hilton and Martin Rettenberger: Domestic Sexual Violence / Haeusliche sexuelle Gewalt (English / German) (Abstract and CV)

Raymond Knight: Recent Developments in Typological Systems for Rapists and Child Molesters (Abstract and CV)

Hans-Ludwig Kroeber: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church / Sexueller Missbrauch in der Katholischen Kirche (English / German) (Abstract and CV)

William Marshall and Liam Marshall: A Positive/Motivational Strength Based Approach to Sexual Offender Treatment (Abstract and CV)

Michael Miner: An Empirically Guided Approach to Assessing and Treating Adolescents who Have Committed Sexual Offenses (Abstract and CV)

Joachim Nitschke and Frank Schilling: Diagnosing Severe Sexual Sadism in the Forensic Context / Schwerer sexueller Sadismus im forensischen Kontext (English / German) (Abstract and CV)

Friedemann Pfäfflin: Treatment of Paraphilic Disorders / Behandlung der sexuellen Perversion (English / German) (Abstract and CV)

David Prescott: Building Motivation to Change in People of All Ages who Have Sexually Abused (Abstract and CV)