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Abstract: Assessing The Risk of Child Pornography Offenders

In this presentation, I summarize research on the risk assessment of adult male child pornography offenders, including the development of a child pornography offender specific risk tool, the CPORT. The results of this work are consistent with contact sex offender risk assessment research and contemporary models of sexual offending that emphasize antisocial tendencies and atypical sexual interests. I discuss the implications of risk and recidivism research for child pornography offender policies and practices.


Trained as a clinical and forensic psychologist, Michael Seto the forensic research director for the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group and editor-in-chief of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment. Michael is cross-appointed to four universities in Ontario, Canada: the University of Toronto, Ryerson University (Toronto), Carleton University (Ottawa), and the University of Ottawa. He has published and presented extensively on pedophilia, sexual offending against children, online sexual offending, and risk assessment. He has written two well-reviewed academic books summarizing his work, the first on pedophilia and sexual offending against children (published by the American Psychological Association in 2008) and the second on online sexual offending, by the same publisher in 2013. He is currently working on the 2nd edition of his 2008 book on pedophilia and sexual offending.