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Marcel Aebi, Markus A. Landolt, Christoph Mueller-Pfeiffer, Ulrich Schnyder, Thomas Maier & Meichun Mohler-Kuo: Testing the “Sexually-Abused Abuser Hypothesis” in Adolescents: A Population-Based Study
Zeynep Burcu Akbaba: Criminal Justice Approaches to Paedophilic Sex Offender Treatment Issues: Addressing the Issue with Deprivation of Sexual Liberty
Geraldine Akerman, Darren Bishopp & Anthony R. Beech: How Do We Measure Sexual Offence Paralleling Behavior in Men in Custody? Exploring What Constitutes Risky Behavior, and How It Can Be Identified and Managed.
Geraldine Akerman: Treating Child Sex Abusers
Geraldine Akerman & Maxine Daniels: Using Groups and Psychodrama to Facilitate Change with Men Who Have Offended in a Sexual Manner
Stuart Allardyce & Peter Yates: Offending Begins at Home: Working Differentially / Effectively? with Young People who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Different Settings
Stuart Allardyce & Peter Yates: Family and Community Victim Crossover in Young People Who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour
Mariana Amaral Saramago & Jorge Cardoso: Pornography Addiction and Sex Drive of Internet Deviant Pornography Users
Celine Bais, Mathieu LaCambre & Philippe Courtet: Cyber-Harassment, A New Risk for Teenagers
Ross M. Bartels, Anthony R. Beech & Leigh Harkins: Reacting Fast, Imagining Slow: The Dual-Process Model of Sexual Thinking
Ross M. Bartels, Danielle G. Kettleborough & Hannah L. Merdian: The Implicit Theories of Child Sexual Exploitation Material Offenders
Ricardo Jorge Ventura Baúto & Jorge Manuel dos Santos Cardoso: Sexual Abuse of Persons Incapable of Resistance: Perceptions of Sexual Offenders
Christian Benz & Edgar Blawatt: So-Called „Legal Porn“ with High Forensic Impact
Nicholas Blagden: “It Would Have Been Easier if I Murdered Her” - Making Sense of Denial in Sexual Offenders and the Implications for Treatment
Sarka Blatnikova, Petr Zeman & Petra Faridova: Dealing with Sexual Offenders in the Czech Republic: From Research to Legislation and Back

Coralie Boillat, Thorsten Spielmann, Gunnar Deuring, Patrick Lemoine, Marc Graf & Marlon O. Pflueger: Is There a New Generation of Child Sexual Exploitation Material Users? First and Preliminary Results of the Basel MIPS-Study (Commensurable Indicators of Paedophilic Offenders - Switzerland)

Isabelle Boisvert, Marc Tourigny, Nadine Lanctôt & Stéphanie Lemieux: Sexual Behavior Problems in Children: A Systematic Review of Associated Factors and Typologies
Margaret Brennan: Towards an Understanding of Situational Affordances in Internet Sex Offending Behavior: A Mixed Methods Analysis of the Situational Components of “Peer-to-Peer” Offending
Sarah Brown, Nadine McKillop, Karlyn Pritchard & Stephen Smallbone: Similarities and Differences in Adolescence-Onset and Adult-Onset Child Sexual Abuse
Sarah Brown, Nadine McKillop, Stephen Smallbone & Richard Wortley: Linking Sex Offenders’ Attachment Styles and Preferences for Therapists’ Interpersonal Qualities with Sex Offender Treatment Program Attendance, Satisfaction and Completion
James M. Cantor, Sophie Lafaille, Debra W. Soh, Massieh Moayedi, David M. Mikulis, & Todd A. Girard: Pedophilia and the Brain: White Matter Differences Detected with Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)
Joana Carvalho & Pedro Nobre: Sexual Violence as Committed by Highly Educated Women: Findings on the Psychosexual Profile
Shiloh Catanese: Online Offenders 101: Highlights of Assessment, Recidivism, and Life After Supervision
Shiloh Catanese & Patricia Huerta: Reasonable and Therapeutic Uses for Sexually Stimulating Materials in Sex Offender Treatment
Alessandra Chiurazzi, Antonietta Bozzaotra & Caterina Arcidiacono: Comparing Treatment Programs for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
Iris B. Dam & Dorte O. Hecksher: A Comparison of Two Groups of Possessors of Abuse Images – Two Different Kinds of Offenders? - A Pilot.
Marcel Delahaye, Thorsten Spielmann, Marc Graf, & Marlon O. Pflueger: Therapeutic climate in a longitudinal intervention study on sex offenders
Jessica Diener, Petya Schuhmann, Janina Neutze & Michael Osterheider: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!” An Analysis of Child Pornographic Photographs in Detected Sex Offenders Against Children.
Tineke Dilliën & Kris Goethals: Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) in Forensic Mental Health Services: Pitfalls and Challenges

Tineke Dilliën & Kris Goethals: Sexual Offender Cognition

Reinhard Eher, Frank Schilling, Brigitte Hansmann, Tanja Pumberger, Joachim Nitschke, Elmar Habermeyer, Andreas Mokros: Sexual Sadism and Violent Reoffending in Sexual Offenders

Mara Eisenberg, Carol McNaughton Nicholls, Caroline Paskell, Ashley Brown, Joan van Horn, Jules Mulder & Donald Findlater: Reaching Potential and/or Undetected Abusers
Johann Endres: Do We Have Evidence for Effects of Sex Offender Treatment in Custodial Settings?
Marisalva Fávero & Laura Marques: Young Sex Offenders: A Case Study.
Tanya Garrett: Working with Sexual Offenders with Mental Health Issues
Hannes Gieseler & Klaus M. Beier: Pharmacological Treatment Options in the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD)
Rui Abrunhosa Gonçalves, Olinda Monteiro & Maria Luís Oliveira: A Comparative Study Between Internet Child Pornography Offenders and Child Molesters
Dorit Grundmann & Klaus M. Beier: Psychoeducation in the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld
David Hampson: Moral Panic, Malice, and Malfeasance: A Case Study in Forensic Sexology and Reflections on Interpersonal and Multi-Agency Dynamics
Craig Harper & Todd Hogue: The Role of Sexual Crime Prototypes in Guiding Social and Political Discourse Around Sexual Crime Legislation
Ghada Hasabo, Amani Abdel Fattah, Mona Aly & Marwa Issak: Child Abuse; Cases referred to Cairo Medicolegal Authority During the Year of 2012
Jannine Hebert & Elizabeth Griffin: Developing and Implementing Psycho-Educational Curriculum for Civilly Committed Sex Offenders - Lessons Learned
Óscar Herrero: Executive Functioning in Sex Offender´s Subtypes
Kerensa Hocken & Maxine Daniels: Responsive Risk Assessment: Adapting Your Style for Risk Assessment Interviews with ID Sexual Offenders
Mechtild Höing, Bas Vogelvang & Stefan Bogaerts: The Impact of Circles of Support and Accountability on Sex Offenders’ Process of Desistance: A Prospective Study
Todd Hogue & Derek Perkins: Violence is in the Eye of the Beholder: Using Eye-Tracking to Understand Sexual Aggression.
Philip D. Howard & Helen C. Wakeling: The Actuarial Prediction of Contact Sexual Recidivism: Comparing Risk Matrix 2000 with a Contact-Specific Scale
Lynsay Hunter & Liz Gilchrist: An Investigation Into the Characteristics of Internet Sex Offenders and the Applicability of Typologies
Yael Idisis, Mazal Rokach-Chye & Yuval Wolf: Sexual Recidivism Risk Perception as Reflected in Functional Cognitive Schemata among Sex Offenders.
Sara Ingevaldson, Inga Tidefors & Anneli Goulding: Experiences of Sexuality in a Group of Young Men who Sexually Offended in Their Teens
Sara Jones: Disrupting the Cycle of Sexual Abuse: Using Neuroimaging to Explore Brain-Behavior Relationships of Juvenile Sexual Offending
Krzysztof Kasparek & Filip Szumski: Exhibitionism: Causes of Low Report Rates and Guides for Prevention Policy (Based on Victim's Perspective)
Danielle G. Kettleborough & Hannah L. Merdian: The Development of the Children, Internet, and Sex Cognitions (CISC) Scale: Understanding the Cognitions of Child Sexual Exploitation Material Offenders
Drew A. Kingston, Mark E. Olver & John M. Bradford: The Relationship Between Serious Mental Illness and Sexual Offending: A Multi-Site Study
Anna Konrad & Klaus M. Beier: Psychotherapeutic Interventions in the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD)
Stephanie Kossow & Klaus M. Beier: Opportunities of Couples Counselling in the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD)
Ellids Kristensen: Mediation as a Short Cut to Victim Empathy
Laura F. Kuhle & Klaus M. Beier: Estimating Risk in Undetected Pedophiles/Hebephiles from the Community (Prevention Project Dunkelfeld)
Thore Langfeldt: Why Do Nearly All Men Offending Young Boys in Norway Have a Homosexual Orientation?
Rebecca Lievesley, Belinda Winder & Helen Elliott: Understanding Service User Experiences of Pharmacological Treatment for Sexual Preoccupation
Anders Lindskog: The Undervalued Relation Between Effective Treatment of Pedophilia and Differential Diagnosis
Kiri Luther: Mindfulness: Its Role in a Community Based Treatment Program for Young People and People with an Intellectual Disability who Have Sexually Harmed Others, and the Use of Biofeedback to Facilitate Learning.
Kiri Luther: The Good Way Model: A Framework for Working with Youth and Clients with an Intellectual Disability who Have Sexually Harmed Others
Atlas Hakelo Maluleke & Mologadi Clodean Mothapo: Factors Contributing to Human Trafficking Incidences in South Africa
Celina Manita & Margarida Matias: A Comparison Between Sexual and Domestic Violence Offenders: Data from GEAV
Liam E. Marshall: Implementing Interventions in Forensic Mental Health and Correctional Settings
Liam E. Marshall: Adverse Childhood Experiences & Sexual Offending
William Marshall: Changing Deviant Sexual Interests: Masturbatory Reconditioning with a Child Molester
Laura Menenti & Corinne Dettmeijer-Vermeulen: Who Do We Suspect, Summon and Sentence, and What’s After Punishment? Child Sex Offenders in the Netherlands
Laura Menenti & Corinne Dettmeijer-Vermeulen: Non-Offending Pedophiles, Non-Pedophilic Offenders, and Those Who Are Both: National Data on Mental Health
David Millar: Museums of the Mind: Please Do Not Touch
Andreas Mokros: title to be announced
Hugo Morales Córdova: Substance Abuse and Sexual Violence Among Peruvian Youth Offenders
Jules Mulder, Carol McNaughton Nicholls, Caroline Paskell, Ashley Brown, Joan van Horn, Mara Eisenberg & Donald Findlater: Approaches to Prevention
Jules Mulder: An Analysis of Child Porn Downloading Sessions with 43 Convicted Men
Janina Neutze, Alexander F. Schmidt, Beate Dombert & Michael Osterheider: Child Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse and Mixed Offenders from the Community
Janina Neutze, Anja Schulz & Michael Osterheider: Paraphilic Fantasies and Online Sexual Solicitation of Minors
Joachim Nitschke, Andreas Mokros, Frank Schilling & Reinhard Eher: SeSaS (Sexual Sadism Scale): A Manual to Diminish Misuse of Diagnosing Sexual Sadism
Justyna Oettingen & Józef K. Gierowski: Controversies Over the So Called “Act on Beasts”
Justyna Oettingen: Schema Therapy and Its Application in the Sex Offender Treatment
James Ogilvie: Evaluating Treatment Outcomes for 224 Youth Sexual Offenders: A Quantitative Analysis of Recidivism
Derek Perkins, Hannah L. Merdian & Alex Bailey: Implicit measures of sexual interest in child sexual exploitation material offenders
Derek Perkins & Hannah Merdian: Best Practice in the Management of Online Sex Offending and its Perpetrators: A Proposed International Working Group
Derek E. Perkins & Hannah L. Merdian: Development of an aetiological model of online child sexual exploitation material offending
Mark Pettigrew: A Case for Reconsidering Dedicated Sex Offender Treatment Programmes for Female Offenders
Dawn Pflugradt: Women who Sexually Offend: A Case Study Examination
Dawn M. Pflugradt & Bradley P. Allen: A Gendered Strength Based Treatment Model for Female Sexual Offenders
Thierry H. Pham & Claire Ducro: Toward a Convergent Validy of the Risk For Sexual Violence Protocol (RSVP) Among Male Forensic Patients
CANCELLED - Ratih Ary Nurani: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) For Juvenile Sex Offenders To Increase Victim Empathy
Sophia Ralph: Student Perceptions of Necrophilia
Inês Carvalho Relva, Otília Monteiro Fernandes & Madalena Alarcão: Sibling sexual violence or incest?
Martin Rettenberger & Reinhard Eher: The Relevance of Personality Disorder Diagnoses and Psychopathy for Recidivism Risk in Sexual Offenders
Phil Rich: The Role of Case Study in Work with Sexually Abusive Adolescents
Sigrun Roßmanith: Women Don’t Do This: Female Sex Offenders
Anna Roszyk: Neuropsychological Deficits Among Child Molesters
Lisa Rudolfsson & Inga Tidefors: “To Me Everything is Intertwined” — Consequences on Faith Following Sexual Abuse
Gerold Scherner & Klaus M. Beier: Clinical History and Exploration of Psychosexual Development in the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld
Karoline Klemke & Jan Seise: Forensic Rehabilitation of Prevention Detention Inmates in Berlin
Petya Schuhmann, Anja Schulz, Emilia Bergen, Janina Neutze & Michael Osterheider: Sexual Fantasies and Pornography Consumption as Risk Factors of Sexual Offending Behavior in an Online Sample
Anja Schulz, Emilia Bergen, Petya Schuhmann & Michael Osterheider: Pedophilic Sexual Interest and Child Pornography Use as Risk Factors of Online Sexual Solicitation of Minors
Stephen Smallbone: The Vagaries of Evaluation: What the Authors of Treatment Outcome Studies Don’t Tell Us
Cristina Soeiro & Raquel Guerra: Child and Adolescent Internet Sexual Offending: Offenders Typologies, Use of Pornography and Images Severity
Demetra Fr. Sorvatzioti: Sentencing and Sexual Crime – Reoffending and Treatment
Filip Szumski: Cognitive Distortions and Sexual Recidivism among Child Molesters
Gilian Tenbergen, Matthias Wittfoth & Tillmann H. C. Krueger: Are There Differences in Executive Function among Pedophilic Child Sexual Offenders? A Test of Non-Incarcerated Individuals
Ondrej Trojan: Penile Plethysmography – Is There Anything New?
Daniel Turner, Richard Krueger, Karen Harrison & Peer Briken: Institutional and Legal Prerequisites of Pharmacological Sexual Offender Treatment in the Countries of the European Union and North America
Donna M. Vandiver, Mark Stafford & Jeremy Braithwaite: A Comparison of Male and Female Sex Offenders: Offense Characteristics, Victim Characteristics, and Recidivism Patterns
Kris Vanhoeck, Els Van Daele & Britt Meyhi: Short Presentation of Three Systemic Interventions to Help Offenders with Social and Interpersonal Deficits
Joan van Horn, Carol McNaughton Nicholls, Caroline Paskell, Ashley Brown, Mara Eisenberg, Jules Mulder & Donald Findlater: The Benefits and Limits of Prevention Programmes
Hannah Wallner, Michael Osterheider & Janina Neutze: Sexual Assault Committed by Children and Young Adolescents: Results of a German Retrospective Dark Field Study
CANCELLED - Tony Ward: Ethical Practice in Working with Sex Offenders
Helene Wells: What Can We Learn from Our Sexual Recidivists? A Qualitative Analysis of 19 Cases, and Development of a Logic Model
Daniel Wilcox: The Employment of the Individual Case Study Approach in Treating Sexual Offenders
Belinda Winder: Understanding the Journeys of High Risk Male Sex Offenders Voluntarily Receiving Medication to Reduce their Sexual Preoccupation and/or Hyper-Sexuality
Belinda Winder, Nicholas Blagden & Rebecca Lievesley: A Qualitative Analysis of the Accounts of Christian Individuals Serving Time in Custody for a Sexual Offence
Dahlnym Yoon, Franziska Brunner, Martin Rettenberger & Peer Briken: Potentials and Challenges of Correctional Treatment Programs
Marco Zanoli, Tiziana Magro, Miriam Lutzu & Giorgia Verastro: Juvenile Sex Offenders: Characteristics, Evaluation and Care. Between Community Safety and Sex Offender Protection.
Monika Zielona-Jenek: Human Figure Drawing as a Diagnosic Tool of Cognitive Distortions in Child Sexual Offenders. Potential and Limitations of Method.




Anna Agalaryan: Paraphilic Coercive Disorder (PCD): Assessment of Diagnostic Criteria Proposed for Inclusion in the DSM-5 and Observed Frequencies
Ricardo Jorge Ventura Baúto & Jorge Manuel dos Santos Cardoso: Perceptions about Child Sexual Abuse
Susanne Bengtson & Ellids Kristensen: Denial as a Predictor of Sexual Recidivism
Isabelle Boisvert et al.: Characteristics of Sexually Abused Children and Children Exhibiting Problematic Sexual Behaviors: Use of Variable- and Person-Oriented Approaches to Distinguish.
Claire Ducro & Fanny Evrard: Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse and Family Relationships Among Sex Offenders
Claire Ducro, Thierry Pham & Julien Lagneaux: Prospective Study Concerning the Criminal, Diagnostic, Social and Treatment Characteristics of Sex Offenders in the Belgium Walloon Community
Craig Harper & Todd Hogue: Reimagining the Community Attitudes Towards Sex Offenders Scale (CATSO)
Kyoko Hazama, Satoshi Katsuta & Kentaro Tanaka: Predictive Ability of Risk Assessment Tools for Recidivism Among Sexual Offenders on Probation or Parole in Japan
Christian Kärgel et al.: Functional Connectivity Analysis in Offending and Non-Offending Pedophiles: A Restingstate fMRI Study.
Satoshi Katsuta, Kyoko Hazama & Kentaro Tanaka: Cognitive Distortions of Child Molesters on Probation and Parole in Japan
Elizabeth J. Letourneau: Revising Harmful Policy: An Inside Look at Changes to U.S. Juvenile Sex Crime Laws
Pauliana Magalhães & Ricardo Barroso: Differences Between Solo Versus Group Juvenile Sexual Offenders
Claudia Massau, Christian Kärgel, Simone Weiß & Boris Schiffer: Moral Judgment in Persons with Deviant Sexual Behavior
Débora Pereira & Ricardo Barroso: Characteristics of Young Sex Offenders: Specialists vs. Generalists
Christian Perrin: The Impact of Peer-Support Roles on Sex Offenders in Prison: Preliminary Findings
Dawn M. Pflugradt & Bradley Allen: An Evaluation of Pornography Use by Incarcerated Female Offenders Using the Bradford Sexual History Inventory
Doyle K. Pruitt: The Restorative Power of Connections: Findings on How Family and Community-Member Presence During Residential Treatment of Male Juvenile Sex Offenders Impacts
Angelita Rios, Cristiane Stracke & Luiziana Schaefer: The Role of Psychological Expertise in Cases of Sexual Violence Against Children
Angelita Rios, Luis Benia & Cristiane Stracke: The Interdisciplinary Care as a Form of Prevention in Cases of Sexual Violence
Vera Sigre-Leirós, Joana Carvalho & Pedro J. Nobre: Parental Rearing Behavior and Sexual Offending: Perceptions of Three Types of Sexual Offenders
Magali Teillard-Dirat: Profiles of Internet Child-Pornography Offenders
Daniel Turner & Peer Briken: Working with Children as a Risk Factor for Sexual offending - The Mediating Role of Pedophilic Interests, Antisocial Behavior, and Hypersexuality.
Simone Weiß, Claudia Massau, Christian Kärgel & Boris Schiffer: Comparing and Combining Various Latency-Based Indirect Measures of Sexual Interest