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Hamburg, Germany, September 6-9, 2006

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Acar, Y.B._IATSO 2006_The Study of Life Story of Juveniles Convicted of Sexual Offense in Reformatory
Boer, D.P. and Hart, S. D._IATSO 2006_Actuarial vs. Structured Clinical Risk Assessment Strategies
Beech, A. and Mitchell, I. J._IATSO 2006_The Neurobiology of Attachment and Links to Sexual Offending
Boer, D.P._IATSO 2006_An Applied Convergent Approach to Risk Assessment
Boer, D.P._IATSO 2006_Risk Assessment for Interest,Profit and Public Safety
Boer, D.P._IATSO 2006_Assessment of Risk Manageability for Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Limitations who offend
Briken, P._IATSO 2006_Algorithms for Medical Treatment of Sexual Offenders
Dosio, D._IATSO 2006_The Relationship between Sexual Violence and the Transmission of HIV AIDS
Egg, R._IATSO 2006_The Internet and Sexual Offending
Elsner, K._IATSO 2006_Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen mit der kognitiv-behavioralen Behandlung von Sexualstraft├Ątern im Ma├čregelvollzug
Frenken, J._IATSO 2006_Trends in Sex Offender Treatment in Europe
Fuchs_IATSO 2006_Sex Offender Treatment Programme in Hamburg
Habermann, N., Briken, P. and Berner, W._IATSO 2006_Effectiveness of group therapy in a specialized sexual offender treatment in prison
Habermann, N., Hill, A., Berner, W. and Briken, P._IATSO 2006_Recidivism in Juvenile Sexual Homicide Offenders
Hanson, R.K._IATSO 2006_Dynamic Risk Assessment for Sexual Offenders on Community Supervision
Hanson, R.K._IATSO 2006_Dynamic Risk Factors for the Prediction of Sexual Recidivism
Hill, A., Habermann, N., Klusmann, D., Berner, W. and Briken, P._IATSO 2006_Recidivism and Risk Assessment in Sexual Homicide Perpetrators
Hummel, P._IATSO 2006_A Developmental Approach to Psychopathology in Adolescent Offenders
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