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We are happy to announce that these excellent professionals will be speaking at our conference in Vilnius, Lithuania:



  • Kelly M. Babchishin (Canada): Towards a better understanding of incest: A review of sibling and father-daughter incest (Abstract and CV)
  • Anthony Beech (United Kingdom): Risk factors for sexual offending indicating innovative approaches to treatment (Abstract and CV)
  • James M. Cantor (Canada): Neurobiology of pedophilia or paraphilia?  Towards a ‘Grand Unified Theory’ of sexual interests (Abstract and CV)
  • Meredith L. Chivers (Canada): Gender, sexual arousal, and sexual desire (Abstract and CV)
  • Franca Cortoni (Canada): Female sexual offenders: A special subgroup (Abstract and CV)
  • Donald Findlater (UK):The Eradicating Child Sexual Abuse Project (ECSA) – Taking the next steps in prevention (Abstract and CV)
  • Theresa Gannon (UK): Future directions in sexual offending: Is treatment effective? (Abstract and CV)
  • R. Karl Hanson (Canada): Release from the sex offender label: Years offence free and dynamic reassessment (Abstract and CV)
  • Brian Judd (USA) & Vernon L. Quinsey (Canada): An annotated history of risk assessment: The emergence of the VRAG-R (Abstract and CV)
  • Ilona Laurinaitytė (Lithuania): Challenges of implementing evidence-based practices in sex offender management (Abstract and CV)
  • Elizabeth J. Letourneau (USA): Sound policy and practice to prevent and address sex crime (Abstract and CV)
  • CANCELLED!!   Liam Marshall (Canada): A knowledge translation informed integrated approach to the treatment of sex offenders 
  • CANCELLED!! Boris Schiffer (Germany): Neurobiological underpinnings of pedophilia and child sexual offending (Abstract and CV)
  • Jessica Yakeley (UK): Paraphilias, perversions, personality disorders and psychoanalysis: Diagnostic controversies (Abstract and CV)




  • Kelly M. Babchishin (Canada): Users of child sexual exploitation material: A review (Abstract and CV)
  • Anthony Beech (United Kingdom): Challenges and debates in risk assessment: Moving the field forward or not? (Abstract and CV)
  • James M. Cantor (Canada): Pedophilia and the brain: The three big questions now asked and answered (Abstract and CV)
  • Franca Cortoni (Canada): Gender-informed assessment and treatment approaches with women who sexually offend (Abstract and CV)
  • R. Karl Hanson (Canada): Empirical methods for revising placement in the standardized risk levels for sexual offenders (Abstract and CV)
  • Brian Judd (USA) & L. Maaike Helmus (New Zealand): The Violence Risk Appraisal Guide – Revised (VRAG-R): Application to European offenders (Abstract and CV)
  • CANCELLED!!   Liam Marshall (Canada): Effective strategies for working with sex offenders in denial (Abstract and CV)
  • Jessica Yakeley (UK): When sexual fantasy becomes violent reality: Working psychoanalytically with sex and violence (Abstract and CV)