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Berlin, Germany, September 5-8, 2012

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11th IATSO Conference Programme
Zeynep Burcu Akbaba: Coercive Chemical Castration: Deprivation of Sexual Liberty As A New Understanding of Punishment
Geraldine Akerman et al.: Devising and Validating a Psychometric Measure of Current Sexual Interest
Raphaela Basdekis-Jozsa et al.: RNR-Principles for Treatment of High Risk Offenders in Preventive Detention
Susanne Bengtson: From Risk Assessment to Risk Management: New Challenges
Jürgen Biedermann et al.: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – A Crime Scene Behavior Typology
Douglas Boer: Recent Developments in Structured Professional Judgement in Risk Assessment for Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders
Hans Colstrup et al.: Pharmacotherapy of Sexual Offenders. A Retrospective Study of Side Effects.
Adam Deming: Evidence Based Practice or Just the Best We’ve Got So Far? Uniting Empirical Research with Clinical Practice in the Treatment of Sexual Offenders
Johann Endres & Maike M. Breuer: Denial of the Sexual Offence as the Central Factor of Treatment Nonparticipation and Attrition
Markus Feil: Standing on a Knife Edge: Managing Confidentiality in Forensic Psychotherapy
Andreas Frei: Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Sexual Misconduct: A Case Report
Melissa Grady: Does Volunteering for Sex Offender Treatment Matter? Using Propensity Score Analysis to Understand the Effects of Volunteerism and Treatment on Recidivism
Don Grubin: Polygraph Testing in Forensic Setting
Dorit Grundmann et al.: Pedophilia and Hebephilia as “Sexual Age Orientation”: Empirical and Clinical Aspects
Karl Hanson: The Characteristics of Online Sexual Offenders
Knut Hermstad: The Position of the Victim in Offender Therapy – Is Victim Empathy a Necessary Issue?
Kerensa Hocken: Doing Good Risk Assessment with Intellectually Disabled Sexual Offenders: A Review of the Current Evidence and Advice for Best Practice
Martin P. Kafka: Hypersexual Disorder: DSM-5 Current Status and Contemporary Controversies
Raymond Knight: The Multidimensional Inventory of Development, Sex, and Aggression (MIDSA)
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