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Oslo, Norway, September 1-4, 2010

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Aalen, O.O._IATSO 2010_Cox Regression
Aalen, O.O._IATSO 2010_Introduction to Survival Analysis and Event History Analysis
Barroso, R.G._IATSO 2010_Young People Who Sexually Abuse_A Research in Portuguese Residential Institutions
Benz, C._IATSO 2010_Treatment of Consumers of Illegal Pornography_More than Relapse Prevention
Berner, W._IATSO 2010_Attachment and Sexual Delinquency
Blake, E. and Gannon, T._IATSO 2010_The Decoding of Women's Non Verbal Cues by Rape Prone Men
Boer, D.P._IATSO 2010_Arguments Regarding a Convergent Approach to Sexual Violence Risk Assessment
Borduin, C._IATSO 2010_Multisystemic Therapy with Juvenile Sexual Offenders_ Clinical and Cost Effectiveness
Boschi, I._IATSO 2010_Dogmatic Beliefs in Religion, Psychoanalysis and Law Preventing Sex Offender's from Therapy in Argentina
Briken, P._IATSO 2010_Psychopharmacological Treatment Options for Sexual Offenders
Burchfield, K.B._IATSO 2010_Coming Home with a Scarlet Letter
Burchfield, K.B._IATSO 2010_Not in My Neighborhood
Buschman, J. and Wilcox, D.T._IATSO 2010_Polygraph Testing Internet Offenders
Buschman, J._IATSO 2010_Case Studies in the Utility of the Polygraph
Castellino, N._IATSO 2010_The Role of Attachment, Interpersonal Motivational Systems and Theory of Mind in the Sexual Aggressor-Victim Relationship
Catanese, S.A._IATSO 2010_Working Together To Prevent Sexual Recidivism_Helpful Tips for Supervision Officers
Cortoni, F._IATSO 2010_Female Sexual Offenders Are Different
David, K.-P. and Bovensmann, H._IATSO 2010_Empathy for the Devil
De Vogel, V. and de Vries Robbe, M._IATSO 2010_Assessing Protective Factors for Sexual Violence_ Research Results with the SAPROF
Endrass, J. and Rossegger, A._IATSO 2010_Consumption of Internet Child Pornography and Violent and Sex Offending
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