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Oslo, Norway, September 1-4, 2010

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Marshall, L.E. and Marshall, W.L._IATSO 2010_A Therapist Rating Scale For Determining Treatment-induced Change
Marshall, L.E., Looman, J. and Peacock, E._IATSO 2010_Cascading Through Different Treatment Intensity Levels_A Preliminary Examination
Marshall, W.L._IATSO 2010_Treatment Provider's Views of Cognitive Distortions
Matthes, A., Rettenberger, M. and Eher, R._IATSO 2010_Predictive and Incremental Validity of the Stable-2000 and the Stable-2007 in an Austrian Sample of Child Sexual Abusers
Mielke, F._IATSO 2010_Behandlungsmanual für die Arbeit mit jugendlichen Sexualtätern
Muzinic, L., Vukota, L. and Guberina, B.K._IATSO 2010_Treatment of Sex Offenders in the Prison System of the Republic of Croatia
Neutze, J., Grundmann, D., Amelung, T., Schaefer, G.A. and Beier, K.M._IATSO 2010_Dynamic Risk Factors in Undetected Help Seeking Pedophiles and Hebephiles
Nitschke, J., Osterheider, M. and Mokros, A._IATSO 2010_Comparison of Characteristics of Rapists in Prison and Forensic Settings_Is There a Difference
NPA_IATSO 2010_Towards A Data Driven Prevention Model for South Africa
Oeberg, K._IATSO 2010_Psychiatric Co-morbidity and Sexual Paraphilia in Swedish Men and Women with Hypersexual Disorder
Overland, S._IATSO 2010_Development of and Preliminary Result from KAOS_A Cognitive Behaviour Program for Intellectually Disabled Sexual Offenders
Oz, S._IATSO 2010_Mandated Reporting Laws_ Their Impact On Interventions in Child Sexual Abuse
Paunovic, N._IATSO 2010_Behavioural-Cognitive Inhibition Theory
Pfaefflin, F._IATSO 2010_Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Research for Sex Offenders
Radandt, A._IATSO 2010_Body-oriented Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Sexual Offenders
10th IATSO Conference Programme
Rettenberger, M., Haubner, T. and Eher, R._IATSO 2010_Current Developments in Actuarial Risk Assessment for Sexual Offenders_Static-99 and Age
Revis, E._IATSO 2010_Mandatory Care for the Mentally Retarded in Norway
Rice, M.E._IATSO 2010_Treatment for Adult Sex Offenders_May We Reject the Null-hypothesis
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