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Oslo, Norway, September 1-4, 2010

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Schilling, F._IATSO 2010_Sexual Sadism_Data on Validity and Reliability of a Screening Instrument Based on File-Information
Smallbone, S., McKillop, N. and Wortley, R._IATSO 2010_Offenders' Attachment Insecurity As A Predisposing And Precipitating Factor For Sexual Abuse
Smid, W._IATSO 2010_Clinical Indicators for Sex Offender Treatment and Their Relationship to Actuarial Risk Assessment
Smid, W._IATSO 2010_Implicit Theories Cognitive Distortions_Deriving Implicit Theories from File Information and Establishing Relationships to Recidivism
Smid, W._IATSO 2010_Specific Age Preference in Child Molesters
Smid, W._IATSO 2010_The Relationship between Sexual Deviance, Antisocial Orientation and Victim Age in Child Molesters
Steen, C._IATSO 2010_Female Sex Offenders
Studer, L. and Aylwin, S._IATSO 2010_The HOW is Much More Important than WHAT in Treatment of Sex Offenders
Tidefors, I._IATSO 2010_State of Mind regarding Attachment in a Group of 45 Adolescents Who Have Sexually Offended
Troelstra, J.A._IATSO 2010_Management of Side Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Sex Offenders
Trojan, O., and Holly, M._IATSO 2010_Czech Model of Sex Offenders Treatment
Wollert, R._IATSO 2010_Bayesian Reasoning Protects Against Confirmatory Biases in Sex Offender Risk Assessment
Yoon, D., Spehr, A. and Briken, P._IATSO 2010_Against Risk-Only Risk Assessment_Structured Assessment of Protective Factors
Eher, R._IATSO 2010_Clinical Aspects of Risk Assessment in Pedosexual Offenders_Poster
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