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Hamburg, Germany, September 6-9, 2006

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Kafka, M.P._IATSO 2006_Hypersexuality, Paraphilia-Related Disorders and Sexual Offending
Kafka, M.P._IATSO 2006_Paraphilias and Axis I Psychiatric Diagnosis
Kafka, M.P._IATSO 2006_Pharmacological Treatments for Sexual Offenders
Knight, R._IATSO 2006_Integrating a Rapist Typology with Etiological Dimensional Models of Rape
Knight, R._IATSO 2006_Integrating Assessment, Etiology, Prognosis, and Treatment - The Structural Revision of a Rapist Typology
Knight, R._IATSO 2006_Integrating Assessment, Etiology, Prognosis, and Treatment Using the MIDSA
Koenig, A., Schölmerich, A. and Troje, N.F._IATSO 2006_Visual Ratings of Point-Light-Walkers - A New Method to Detect Paedophilic Interests
Koenraadt, F._IATSO 2006_Sexual Homicide in The Netherlands
Kroeber, H.-L._IATSO 2006_Kriminologische Aspekte der Sicherungsverwahrung.pdf
Kroeber, H.-L._IATSO 2006_Psychiatrische Begutachtung zur Kriminalprognose
Lau, S._IATSO 2006_Die Wahrnehmung des Therapieverlaufs in einer geschlossenen Institution
Mann, R.E._IATSO 2006_Selfesteem and Other Esteem in Sexual Offender Treatment
Mann, R.E._IATSO 2006_Sex Offender Therapy in the Correctional Setting
Marshall, L._IATSO 2006_Elderly Sexual Offenders
Marshall, W.L._IATSO 2006_Effectiveness of Psychological Treatment for Sexual Offenders
Marshall, W.L._IATSO 2006_Therapeutic Process in the Treatment of Sexual Offenders
Miner, M.H._IATSO 2006_The Adolescent Who Sexually Offends - Current Knowledge and Standards of Care
Nedopil, N. and Stadtland, C._IATSO 2006_Sexual Offenders and their Risk for Reoffense - A Critical Review of Assessment Instruments
Niekerk, J. & Naidoo, L._IATSO 2006_Training in Sex Offender Rehabilitation in a Multi-cultural, Developing Country Context
Nikolaisen, J._IATSO 2006_Attachment - An Issue for Last Session or a New Approach in Treatment of Sexual Offender - Non-verbal Issues in Treatment Relationships
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