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Vienna, Austria, September 11-14, 2002

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Berger, P._IATSO 2002_The Role of Personality Disorders and Paraphilias as Predictors of Relapse in Male Sexual Offenders
Berner, W._IATSO 2002_Sexual Sadism
Bird, M._IATSO 2002_Recent Developments in Criminal Policy in Response to the Risks Posed by Sex Offenders
Boer, D.P. and Boer, A._IATSO 2002_Violence Risk Assessment_A Convergent Approach
Boer, D.P._IATSO 2002_SVR-20_Introductory Workshop
Clarke, J. and Roger, D._IATSO 2002_Can Working with Sex Offenders Damage your Psychological Health_Developing a Model of Predictive Factors
David, K.-P._IATSO 2002_Kriterien für die Rückführung von Tätern in Familien, in denen sie Kinder missbraucht haben
Davidson, J._IATSO 2002_Researching Community Treatment Programmes_Convicted Child Sexual Abuse in The UK
De Leon, J.I.A._IATSO 2002_Gender, Violence and Globalization_Peace Begins at Home
Egg, R._IATSO 2002_Recidivism and Criminal Careers of Sex Offenders
Feelgood, S., Cortoni, F., Thompson, T. and Sleeman, V._IATSO 2002_Sexual Coping, General Coping and Cognitive Distortions in Incarcerated Rapists and Child Molesters
Feelgood, S.R., Ahlers, C.J., Schaefer, G.A., Ruecker-French, E. and Ferrier, A._IATSO 2002_Motivating Dunkelfeld Sexual Offenders to Seek Treatment_A Marketing Psychology Approach
Fernandez, M.L. and Castro, Y.R._IATSO 2002_Treatment of Sex Offenders in Spanish Prisons
Grant, J._IATSO 2002_Neurobiology of Impulsivity
Graupner, H._IATSO 2002_Sexual Consent_The Criminal Law in Europe and Overseas
Gray, N., MacCulloch, M., Smith, J. and Snowden, R._IATSO 2002_Abnormal Associations Between Children and Sex in Paedophiles As Measured by the Covert Assocation Task (CAT)
Gutierrez-Lobos, K._IATSO 2002_Sexueller Missbrauch und sexuelle Gewalt als Public Health Problem
Haller, R._IATSO 2002_Das Bombenhirn Franz Fuchs
Haller, R., Müller, T. Dittrich, I. and Kocsis, E._IATSO 2002_Psychiatrische Befunde bei Sexualmördern
Hanson, R.K._IATSO 2002_Empirical Evidence of Sex Offender Treatment Efficacy
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