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Copenhagen, Denmark - September 7 - 10, 2016

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Kneer,J. et al.: Altered resting state functional connectivity in non pedophilic child sexual offenders
Krueger, R. & Briken, P.: Proposed Paraphilic Disorders and Impulse Control Disorders for the International Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems Eleventh Revision (ICD-11)
Liam, M: Hypersexuality and Adverse Childhood Experiences in Sexual Offenders
Liam,M_Treatment of Sexual Offenders in Denial
Lindskog, A.: Desistance demands competent assessment
Norman, C. et al.: Exploring perceptions of sexual addiction, preoccupation and compulsivity from the offenders' perspective
Oberlader, V. et al.: Validation of a cued prosaccade and antisaccade paradigm - A behavioral measure of sexual interest
Pflüger, M. et al.: The high functioning myth of CSEM offenders - A neuropsychological study
Prud'homme, C.: Trivilization of sexuality that leads to sexual violence
Rainey, B.: Consent to Treatment and the European Court of Human Rights - The use of 'chemical castration' for sex offenders in detention
Rettenberger, M. & Helmus, M.: Static and dynamic risk assessment in domestic violence sexual offenders
Sawyer, S.: Group Therapy - Core Concepts and Essential Elements to Engage the Potential of the Group
Spielmann, T.: Differences between child sexual assaulters (CSA) and child exploitation material users (CSEM) in sexuality, substance use, and personality
Strange, M. & Tofte, S.: Mediation as an ecological family based intervention Method in cases of sibling incest
Yates, P.: Social workers' use of heuristics in risk assessment and decision making in cases involving sibling sexual abuse
Yoon, D.: Additional conceptions of Psychopathic Traits in Sexual Offenders - Interpersonal Measures and Triarchic Model of Psychopathy
Keynote_Babchishin, K: Risk Factors for the Onset of Sexual Offending - A Nationwide Case-Control Study on Parental and Birth Factors
Keynote_Boer, D.: The Assessment of Risk and Manageability for Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Limitations who Offend Sexually (ARMIDILO-S)
Keynote_Hanson, K. R.: Development of Non Arbitrary Risk Categories for Improving Risk Communication in Sexual Offenders
Keynote_Liam, M.: A Strenghts-Based Treatment Program for Sex Offenders
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