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Cape Town, South Africa, August 27-30, 2008

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Van Horn, J. and Mulder, J._IATSO 2008_Intellectual Disabled Sex Offenders_Recidivism After Community Based Treatment and Subgroup Profiling
Jonker, G.J._IATSO 2008_Intermediary Services for Child Witnesses Testifying in South African Criminal Courts.pdf
Keenan, M._IATSO 2008_Giving Account_A Study of Roman Catholic Clergy who have Sexually Abused Minors
Keenan, M._IATSO 2008_The Impact of Clerical and Seminary Culture on Irish Roman Catholic Clergy Who Have Sexually Abused Minors
Kingston, D.A., Firestone, P., Fedoroff, P. and Marshall, W.L._IATSO 2008_Pornography’s Influence on Sexual Offending_Important moderating Factors
Kwarnmark, E., Hasselrot, B. and Harnesk, H._IATSO 2008_Swedish National Sex Offender Treatment Program ROS
Kwarnmark, E., Hasselrot, B. and Harnesk, H._IATSO 2008_The Victim Gateway_A Victim Protection Service
Majokweni, T._IATSO 2008_Development of the Anti-Rape Strategy in South Africa
Manetsch, M._IATSO 2008_Psychosexual Education for Young Sexual Offenders
Marshall, L.E._IATSO 2008_Sexual Offenders and Sexual Addiction
Mat Saat, M.B. and Mat Saat, G.A._IATSO 2008_The Use of Psychometrics for Treatment Planning of Sexual Offenders in Prison
Miner, M._IATSO 2008_Drugs, Sex, and Aggression_The Association between Substance Use, Abuse and Sexual Aggression
Mvandaba, V._IATSO 2008_Sex Offender Rehabilitation Program (SORP)
Naidoo, L._IATSO 2008_The Life Experiences of Adolescent Sexual Offenders_Factors Within The Family That Contribute to Offending Behaviours
Naidoo, L.K._IATSO 2008_Child Sex Offender Treatment Program
Van Niekerk, J._IATSO 2008_Helping Professionals Who Commit Sexual Offences Against Children
Van Niekerk, J._IATSO 2008_Policy and Legislation supporting the Treatment of Children Who Commit Sexual Crimes.pdf
Omar, S._IATSO 2008_Diversion Programmes at the Teddy Bear Clinic
Rainey, B. and Harrison, K._IATSO 2008_Castrating Human Rights - A Rights Based Approach To The Use Of Anti-Libidinal Suppressants with High-Risk Sex Offenders
Rettenberger, M. and Eher, R._IATSO 2008_Recidivism Risk Assessment and Sexual Delinquency
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