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Cape Town, South Africa, August 27-30, 2008

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Riar, K., Hediger, M. and Murphy, E._IATSO 2008_Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Adolescent Sex Offenders
Shumba, A., Makura, A.H. and Gwirany, P._IATSO 2008_Management of Child Sexual Abuse Cases by Female School Heads in Zimbabwe
Shumba, A., Makura, A.H. and Gwirayi, P._IATSO 2008_Childhood Sexual Abuse Experiences of Female Student Teachers in Zimbabwe
Spehr, A., Hill, A., Habermann, N., Briken, P. and Berner, W._IATSO 2008_Sexual Homicide Perpetrators_A Comparison of Child Versus Adult Victims
Studer, L.H. and Aylwin, A.S._IATSO 2008_There Are No Secrets in Long Term Successful Treatment of Sex Offenders
Swinburne Romine, R.E., Dwyer, S.M. and Finstad, D._IATSO 2008_30 Year Follow-up
Trojan, O._IATSO 2008_Penile Plethysmography 50th. Anniversary_Useful Diagnostic Tool or Illusion
Ware, J._IATSO 2008_Treating Sexual Offenders within Multiple Prison and Community Sites
Weiss, P._IATSO 2008_Rape and Child Sexual Abuse in the Czech Republic
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